3w Clinic Collagen White Skin Care Set

৳ 3,450.00

This is after one time use 3W Clinic white collagen skin you will see positive changes, beautiful and smooth white.

  • As nutrient rich creams contain ingredients whitening
  • Niacin helps keep your skin whiter, prevent pigmentation and brown spots bruise on the skin
  • Collagen from seaweed and licorice extract provides the skin
  • And limit adverse impacts to the skin, keep the skin soft, smooth and moisturized

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    • Collagen Clear Softener 150 ml

This moisturizing Softener with marine collagen and other natural ingredients smooth your skin while deeply hydrating it.

    • Collagen Brightening Emulsion 150ml

This moisturizing milk with marines collagen and other natural ingredients locks in the moisture and balances your skin’s oil and water level.

    • Collagen Whitening Cream 60 ml

It is a nutrition cream containing whitening ingredient, niacinamide, which helps to keep skin white and clean through effective management of skin tones. And also it contains marine collagen, ginkgo biloba leaf and witch hazel extracts that provides nutrients to tired skin from harmful environment and helps keep skin soft and moisturized.

+ Collagen Clear Softener 30ml, Collagen Brightening Emulsion 30ml


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