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6 Best Cat Food for Senior Cats | Choosing the Right Food

Your feline buddy goes through physical, behavioral, and mental changes after it gets older. With aging, cats become stiffed and show symptoms of different health issues. Now cat owners are looking for the best cat food for senior cats more than ever. Formulated cat foods can provide lots of nutritional elements that can help with cats” occurred health issues. It is full of all the nutritious values and minerals, allowing you to look after your aging cat with care. You don’t have to worry about the right ingredients or balanced provisional values of the formulated cat food for elderly cats. They can be very convenient for your cats’ overall health improvement.

Cats from 11 years to 14 years are senior cats. They need regular health checkups and all the unique treatments and provisions. Age-related medical problems like kidney failure, heart disease, diabetics, dental disease, cancer, and digestive diseases are common in elderly cats. A balanced senior diet with lots of wholesome nutrients should be your top priority for your aging carnivorous friend.

best cat food for senior cats


A balanced diet for your cats’ health is vital. Thus choosing high-quality proteins is best for the aging feline’s overall health as their digestive system can efficiently process wet foods. Altogether, this can avoid many health concerns of your little friend. We have come up with a list of six high-protein cat foods for your older cat.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken


Brand Iams
Flavor Chicken
Item Weight 22 Pounds
Item Form Dry, Pellets
Age Range Description Adult
made in USA


As cats need high easy-to-digest excellent protein in their diet, Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken contains real chicken meat as its no. 1 ingredient as the source of nitrogenous organic compounds. The formula is 100% balanced adult nutrition with no fillers, and the premium recipe of the procedure needs no artificial preservations. Thus it is rich in organic nutrients that will make your cat happy and active with every meal.

Natural fiber blended probiotics and beet pulp helps in your cat’s healthy digestion and builds strong muscle that keeps it playful in its older age. The vitamins omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy fur and soft skin. Calcium and potassium act as indispensable elements for lessening heart failure chances. Though some may not prefer dry formula, the crunchy Iams helps to reduce any plaque build-up.


      helps to maintain a healthy heart of your feline

builds strong muscle

designed to promote healthy digestion

better teeth health


      high fat and calories

Purina Pro Plan Senior Canned Wet Cat Food

Brand Purina Pro Plan
Flavor Salmon & Tuna
Item Weight 1 Pound
Age range Senior
Item Form Wet
Made in USA

Pros & Cons

  • Purina Pro Plan Senior
  • Purina Pro Plan Senior
  • Purina Pro Plan Senior
  • Purina Pro Plan Senior
  • Purina Pro Plan Senior
  • Purina Pro Plan Senior





Purina Pro Plan Senior Canned Wet Cat Food has the most advanced science-based formula for all types of cats. For your senior cat Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Salmon & Tuna Entree Adult 11+ wet cat food formulated with real Salmon & Tuna can be a great choice. This canned food contains 10% protein and 0.45% phosphorus for your cats’ better health. You can also feed this to your cat with diabetes as it has low carbs in it. The food structure is very moist and wet max to 78% of natural juices. Therefore it is easy for the elder cat’s organs to digest the wet food. More than 25 essential nutrients, minerals, & vitamins support a healthy immune system to an older cat’s health. Every case comes with 3 oz of 24 cans.


       helps to maintain healthy skin and fur

helps to support a healthy immune system

good for cats with diabetics


       High fat count

Includes artificial flavors


Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Brand Blue Buffalo
Flavor Sensitive Stomach Chicken & Brown Rice
Item Weight 15 Pounds
Sensitive Ingredient Soy Free, Chicken Meat, Wheat Free
Item Form Dry
Made In USA


Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food formulated with FOS prebiotics to encourage digestive health & absorption of your feline. The formula claims to feature real deboned chicken meat as its initial integrant. It also combines all organic ingredients-brown rice, sweet potatoes, cranberries, flax, blueberries, carrots, & peas. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid, antioxidant-rich ingredients keeps your cat’s skin shiny and healthy. The food formula has BLUE’s special technology LIFESOURCE BITS-a a meticulous mixer of all the good antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, prebiotics, like Fructooligosaccharide, certified by animal nutritionists and veterinarians. This technology helps to keep your cat’s immune system by creating a nutritious balanced senior diet. It also provides amino acid which is essential in animals but cannot create naturally. Amino acid helps to boost the heart’s health and eyesight of senior cats. BLUE’S kibbles are bigger than other cat foods which allow the cat to crunch on the kibbles, and not swallow them.

       no added preservatives

high-quality protein source

bigger kibbles

provides amino acid

       high calorie


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats, Chicken Recipe

Brand Hill’s Science Diet
Flavor Chicken
Item Weight 15.5 Pounds
Sensitive Ingredient Chicken Meat
Item Form Dry


Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ dry indoor cat food has a great balance of natural components like whole grain wheat, wheat gluten, corn gluten with essential taurine, vitamin E, omega-3s and -6s, and minerals. Chicken meat is used as the no. 1 ingredient. All those combine to create the best-balanced diet that helps to fight senior cats aging health issues. Taurine helps to improve heart health. Minerals keep the bladder and the kidney health in check, whereas the natural fibers are easily digestible. The dry kibbles are smaller in size. So it’s easy for older cats to crunch on it. This formulated dry cat food helps to keep your cat at a healthy weight so that it can stay active and agile.


Pros Cons
       smaller dry kibbles

easy-to-digest natural fibers

keeps heart and kidney health in check

       contains grain

no prebiotics added

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor and Sensitive Digestion Dry Cat Food, Chicken

Brand Nutro
Flavor Chicken
Item Weight 14 Pounds
Item Form Dry
Age Range Description Adult

Real chicken is the no.1 ingredient for Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor and Sensitive Digestion Dry Cat Food. The diet formula has fine blends of natural fiber, rich in nutrients and flavor. Thus it promotes proper digestion and a strong immune system. Added omega-6 fatty acid keeps your senior cat’s skin healthy and shiny. There is no corn, soy protein, or chicken by-product meal.


Pros Cons
       supports healthy weight

boosts immune system

improves skin conditions

No artificial preservatives added

       Contains grain

Hartz Bisque Cat Treats

Brand Hartz
Flavor Tuna and Chicken
Item Weight 1.2 Pounds
Item Form Flakes
Age Range Description Senior

Tuna and Chicken is the main listed component of Hart’s Bisque Cat treats. The juicy combination of blended fish and meat makes a delicious treat for your kitty to enjoy. It is formulated with vitamins E & B which supports the senior cat’s health. This tasty treat is grain-free, with no added filler or preservatives. The formula is so delicious that your cat will lick ta bowl clean and have all the nutritious elements for his better health. It supports the digestive system and improves kidney health.


Pros Cons
       boosts immune system

improves kidney health

contains vitamin B & E

       No prebiotics added


 Shopping Guide for Buying Best Senior Cat Food

It is important to choose the right cat food for your older cat. Considering your feline companion’s age is important as she needs more nutrition, protein or carbohydrate, and minerals. Senior cats need special care as their body and activity start to change with their age. Formulated wet or dry cat foods can provide wholesome nutrition values. Make sure the diet is providing animal protein and complex carbohydrate which is easy to digest.


What is the best type of wet cat food for a senior cat between pate, flakes, or gravy topping?

It depends on your cat.

At their senior age, most of the time cats cannot eat dry kibbles. We would recommend you to first try with pate as this a good blend of all the nutrients. Many times with flakes and gravy, cats just licks the gravy and live the solids out.

  1. What kinds of cat foods do you recommend for a senior cat with a few missing teeth?

We would recommend wet canned cat foods for senior cats.

Dry cat food is a big no-no for your loving cat. Then again wet cat foods are good for your cat’s digestive system and remaining teeth. You can try Purina wet canned foods it suits you well with your little friend.

  1. Why are senior cat foods rich in protein?

Cats are carnivorous. So they need protein to keep their body lean. Before nutritionists thought that protein caused kidney failure in senior cats. But now it’s a myth, rather it is suggested to feed protein formulated cat food. However one should remember to look for high-quality, highly digestible protein.

  1. What Nutrients do Senior Cats Need in Their Cat Food?

While reading the labels of cat food for senior cats, cat owners should look for high-quality protein, healthy natural fats, and natural fibers, essential antioxidants, and vitamins. If your cat is allergic to any ingredient then avoid buying them.

Finally, every cat needs food according to different needs and health issues. After the age of 10, you should observe your cat’s behavior and food habit changes to pick the right type of food for your feline companion. Take your cat to the vet for regular health check-ups and treat him with the best cat food according to his need. So that he can stay healthy and active in his golden years.

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